I – 31 March 2017  h 16.30 – 19
Aula 3 SSSUP

Methodology in economics and validation
Prof. A. Moneta (SSSUP) : “Model validation in empirical Macroeconomics”
Prof. F. Guala  (UniMi) : “Economic Models and Experiments”
Prof. G. Fagiolo (SSSUP) : “Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead

II – 7 April 2017  h 16.30-19
Aula 3 SSSUP

Credit and macroeconomic dynamics
Prof. M. Napoletano (Sciences Po) : “Policy experiments and financial markets: a complex evolving system perspective”
Prof. A. Roventini (SSSUP) :  ” Some evidence on the interaction between credit dynamics and fiscal policy”

III – 10 April 2017  h 14.30-17.00
Aula 6  SSSUP

Theory of production and innovation
Prof. G.Dosi (SSSUP) : “On the nature of technologies: knowledge,procedures, artifacts and production inputs”
Prof. M. Grazzi  (Unibo) : “Production theory: accounting for firm heterogeneity and technical change”

IV – 21 April h 16-19
Aula 8 SSSUP

Forecasting and expectations in economic modelling
Prof. M. Lippi (EIEF) : “Macroeconomic Models: VARs, Factor Models, Prediction, Interpretation”
Prof. T. Treibich (Maastricht Uni) : “Rational Heuristics? Expectations and Behaviors in Evolving Economies with Heterogeneous, Interacting Agents”

V – 28 April h 16-19
Aula 8 SSSUP

Secular stagnation : a data-based critical discussion
Prof. G. Zezza (UniCas) : “Are we all dead in the long run?”
Prof. N. Garbellini (UniPv)

VI – 5 May 2017  h 16-19
Aula 6 SSSUP

Stylized facts and evidence on representative firm approach
Prof. G. Bottazzi (SSSUP) : ” Stylized facts that are not facts and facts that should be stylized”
Prof. F. Tamagni (SSSUP) : “Firm heterogeneity and the empirical relevance of theories of competitive market selection”


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